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Creating Extraordinary Experiences with Small Group Training in Ethiopia

The Global Life Fitness Master Trainer, Keith Smith visited Addis Ababa to conduct the Life Fitness Academy held at Activ8 Recreational Centre. The event was hosted by Bekele Abshiro PLC, the exclusive distributor of Life Fitness products in Ethiopia.

Assisted by the East Africa Master Trainer Mesfin Felleke, the course focused on Small Group Exercise. Instructors and personal trainers were able to learn and understand skills required to deliver a safe, effective and enjoyable sessions also utilizing the Life Fitness SYNRGY 360 specially designed for small group training.

“The fitness industry is moving away from the traditional way of training to providing unique and more catered fitness experiences for exercisers,” commented Keith Smith. Life Fitness Academy is a global exceptional fitness education and training which strives to train health club owners and exercisers to get the relevant knowledge and skills needed to achieve their goals.



Small Group Training has become one of the top trends in the world for creating a more engaging and fun experience for exercisers. It involves less than ten participants who receive one on one attention from the personal trainer in a nurturing, motivating and fun environment.

Gym owners do not need to invest in new equipment to offer this type of training. Many operators can use the equipment they already have on hand in their facilities to create small group training programs to fit the needs of any exerciser and attract more exercisers to their facilities.

Personal trainers and instructors from international, local hotels and wellness fitness facilities attended the event. The main sponsors include; Activ8 Recreational Center, Desta PLC, Zola International Hotel, Tarara Coffee, Debol Multi-Media Production PLC and Arki Mineral Water who made the event possible.