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We know that every facility and exerciser have unique goals and we provide the best fitness solutions, tools and choices needed to reach them. Our holistic approach relies on the seamless interaction between the key components of space, people and equipment to differentiate a facility and create a truly meaningful experience for exercisers.

Through all phases of implementation, our team provides excellent comprehensive consultative support- before, during and after the project.

We create tailored fitness and leisure experiences for specific environments with 2D or 3D facility designs to help clients visualize their facilities. Facilities can choose cutting-edge technology to keep exercisers entertained and engaged, or small group training solutions to excite and energize members. Aesthetic details like colour options, weight stack shrouds and other customization choices set a facility apart.

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Our qualified and certified technical team provides equipment maintenance and repairs. We offer warranty on all equipment for a maximum of 8 years on specific parts. As the authorized Life Fitness distributor, we stock genuine spare parts for any maintenance and repairs. You can always count on our responsive service team to keep your equipment at peak performance.

Life Fitness Academy is the global training and education arm of Life Fitness focused on education material for customers, fitness professionals and exercisers worldwide.

LFA brings a diverse level of expertise on a variety of fitness subjects and provides hands-on equipment instruction and education materials, fitness articles, fitness videos and valuable contributions to product designs and improvements.

With some of the top trainers in the region, LFA provides a wide range of training workshops and courses designed for fitness instructors and fitness managers.