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How To Prepare Your Fitness Facility Before Reopening

Your facility has likely never been empty for such a long time. Reopening means you need to be sure your facility is ready after being out of service for weeks or even months.

Equipment preparation

To make sure your equipment is properly prepared, follow a simple checklist before your members walk through the door again. It’s wise to inspect the equipment and power cords thoroughly to ensure they are undamaged and free of dust or debris. Then turn on all power units one by one, some by pedaling.

Check all functionalities such as speed, incline and heart-rate monitoring and don’t forget to properly connect TV and internet cables to make sure the latest updates of the console software can be installed. This is the perfect moment to enable Life Fitness on Demand on your SE3HD-consoles. If you have any further questions about TV functions or software, please contact the Life Fitness Customer Support.

New regulations may mean you have to move or move out equipment. Every unit type has a specific way to be moved, so please be careful and take your time. After moving a unit around make sure it is stable before usage. Defects caused by obvious (deliberate) mechanical impact, inappropriate use or undo handling of the product may cause the manufacturer’s warranty to become void.


You likely spent time cleaning your club thoroughly while being closed. Before reopening, it is important to follow the latest government guidelines to make sure you do everything you can to ensure a safe and healthy environment for your members.

Mild soap and water or a mild non-abrasive household cleaner can also be used to clean the display and all exterior surfaces.  Use a soft cotton cloth only. Apply the cleaner to the cotton cloth before cleaning. Specifically, for strength equipment use break-free CLP or oil to lubricate and clean all guide rods, cables and belts.

DO NOT (!)

  • DO NOT use ammonia or acid-based cleaners.
  • DO NOT use abrasive cleaners.
  • DO NOT use paper towels.
  • DO NOT apply cleaners directly to the equipment surfaces.
  • We strongly urge our customers not to use bleach on the surfaces of our equipment.
Building Maintenance

You likely had the time to take care of any building issues during shutdown. Now is the time for last-minute tasks. Take care of any miscellaneous building issues you may have been putting off, fix any lightbulbs that need to be replaced, but definitely flush your water system and replace any HVAC filters. Make sure to double check water supplies and air treatment.

Checklist before opening


1.       Visually inspect the product to ensure it is free of moisture, dust or debris.

2.       Visually inspect the plug and power cord to ensure that all pins are intact and    undamaged.

3.       Turn all powered units on, one by one.

4.       Turn all non-powered units on by pedaling.

5.       Checking every functionality of all equipment e.g.;

a.       TV functions

b.       MYE (if equipped)

c.        Operate the unit at multiple speeds and resistances

d.       Heart Rate

e.       Incline

6.       Check whether electrical, tv and internet cabling is connected properly

7.       Check if all equipment can be used safely:

a.       Running smoothly

b.       Good stability

c.        No damage and/or wear at any part especially cabling of strength equipment

d.       All safety instruction are clearly visible

8.       (Optional) Verify and document the console’s current software version. If            console software is not updated to the latest version, please update software                  before continuing. If any further questions about software, please contact the              Impex TransAfrica Customer Support.

9.       Make sure all equipment is cleaned properly according cleaning instructions.

10.    Specific for strength equipment.

a.       Use Break-free CLP or 3-in-1 oil to lubricate and clean ALL guide rods, cables    and belts.

b.       Liberally apply lubricant to a clean, dry cloth with liquid Break-free CLP or 3-  in-1 Oil and apply it on the guide rods, cables and belts.

Additional information can also be found in the applicable Assembly and Operations manuals.

Before reopening follow the latest government guidelines to make sure you do everything you can to ensure a safe and healthy environment for your members. Should you need our technical support, please don’t hesitate to reach out to marketing@impextransafrica.com or contact Customer Support +254 748 879277. We are here to support you.

After opening
  1. Go over every point daily for an extended period.
  2. Make sure cleaning – bullet no. 9 – is structurally embedded in the daily schedule of your staff.