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Play Both Games

It is time to embrace the digital change. You can just choose to simply add on demand and at home services as an addition to your current membership. If you are going to play both games, do it well or don’t do it at all as it could be damaging to your business.


Be cautious of “Digital Distraction”
Have you noticed the messaging and language being used by the in commercial fitness’ digital or technology sector? The “I told you so” and the “you should’ve listened” phrases or the “your business should absolutely be doing X, Y & Z as a result of COVID-19 and our software coincidently can do all that critical stuff.” Digital has been a great channel through which you are able to connect with members during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as a gym owner, you shouldn’t get too distracted by digital if it’s not a strategic intention and, if it’s not, it might be time to make it one.


COVID-19 hasn’t necessarily created a new market, as a gym owner, you should be careful when making commercial decisions. It’s simply crisis response that has required the entire fitness industry to explore and look out for alternative (not new) channels to reach customers. Nonetheless COVID-19 forces traditional businesses to find new and different ways of competing.


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