Play It Smart

Chaos presents opportunity for innovation. Besides assuring members that your mission, vision and value opportunities remain the same, think of new innovations that come from dealing with this pandemic. Uncertainty brings opportunities.


Necessity is the mother of invention.

If you handle this situation well, it may even improve your brand image in order for you to gain sympathy and brand loyalty. Try to set up smart partnerships with companies that offer products or services that solve a new problem. Show your members how you are developing and that you are taking ownership of the situation and not vice versa. This may sound harsh but when (small) operators close their businesses, it gives you the opportunity to search for talented staff and group class instructors.


Combine current trends and new ‘’methods’’

Recognition can be a powerful motivator for most people, did one of your members set a new PR? Did a member hit a weight loss goal? Recognize and celebrate them! If someone is working hard, they definitely deserve the recognition.