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The Loft Gym


We know this option might rarely be for everyone, however, if fitness is your lifestyle and you live in a loft that still needs some functional decoration fitting your sportive needs, this is just what you have been looking for!

Putting up a gym in your loft literally has the boutique feel to it and helps you to keep your fitness routine top of mind. Being part of your extended living room, this type of home gym provides you with all the entertainment options you need for a good workout.



  • A living room may be full of entertainment options like TV and music, which can take your mind off of your home workouts.
  • Easy access to your gym equipment makes it easier to get workouts in.



  • Depending on space various pieces of cardio equipment. Consider a mix of powered and non-powered devices like a treadmill, Indoor Cycling bikes or rowing machines to add some variety to your workout routine.
  • Strength training tools like kettlebells and dumbbells that can be stored in a functional training rack which provides with numerous options for additional functional exercises and keeps the space tidy. A CMDAP can help working out dedicated muscle groups that need extra attention, while still being multifunctional.



  • Consider the aesthetics of the equipment. Cardio equipment like an IC5 indoor cycle or Row HX trainer have design elements that you might not mind showing off.

• If noise is an issue, consider cardio equipment that have silent operation.