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The Ultimate Performance Training Space

Building champions has never been more straightforward. Each athlete or sport needs specific training programs, and you need to be able to quickly adapt. Hammer Strength the most trusted brand in strength and conditioning ,now offers;  HD Tread, HD Air Bike and HD SPARC to help athletes reach their goals. With Hammer Strength HD Performance Trainers, you can cater to specific needs for specific athletes in a moment’s notice.


HD Performance Trainers are all made to be mobile. They can be easily moved with integrated handles and wheels that allow for quick changes to your floor and added variety in your programming. This ease of transportation gives you the ability to adapt to several facility configurations. It is possible to create a no-limits experience for your athletes. Maximum speed sprinting with the HD Tread, crushing total body intervals on the HD Bike, and non-impact resisted drive on the HD SPARC.



The new Hammer Strength HD Tread.
The Hammer Strength HD Tread is a durable, self-powered curved treadmill made for performance athletes. Quick, efficient and tough enough to match the standards and expectations of elite champions. The curved design of the Hammer Strength self-powered treadmill encourages mid to fore foot strike for fast acceleration and full speed sprinting. The athlete is in complete control of sprint mechanics and belt speed. This eliminates machine interference and puts the focus on the athlete.


The Hammer Strength HD AirBike.
The Hammer Strength HD Air Bike is not just another bike. It’s built to a higher standard, the Hammer Strength standard.
The rugged bike takes a pounding and endures the intense workouts your athletes put it through. The HD Air Bike is an anaerobic endurance machine that allows your athletes to quickly raise—or maintain—their heart rate. It is also excellent for injury prevention and recovery because there’s no impact on an athlete’s joints.


The Hammer Strength HD SPARC.

The Hammer Strength HD SPARC is the ultimate performance trainer for explosiveness and power. It utilizes a high knee position and engages the glutes and muscles used to create downward-driving force. This translates to acceleration, speed and explosiveness training efficiency. The console allows athletes to measure their critical performance outputs and adjust accordingly. Athletes will also benefit greatly from the HD SPARC because there is no impact stress on the knees and joints. 10 resistance levels allow alternate workouts to emphasize speed or power intervals.


Redefine the performance experience for your athletes with the Hammer Strength Performance Trainers to allow athletes to get on and go with no hassle and maximum results. Within seconds, you can have your athletes pushing the limits of their HIIT workouts. Added to an existing training program, these products complete a well rounded dynamic.