Inspire Better Living

As a property owner, how do you set your property apart to attract and retain new residents? Inspire better living by providing amenities that give convenience and add value to your residents. One such amenity is a residential gym.


Having a gym in your apartment building is as easy as your residents walking out of the front door and being in the gym in minutes.


What was once viewed as an add on amenity is now becoming increasingly important for residents and anyone house hunting. The benefits of having a residential gym in your apartment building are endless. It encourages people to exercise, increases the value of a property and builds an excellent community amongst tenants and home owners. Additionally, most residential gyms offer a wide variety of equipment for more training options compared to a personal home gym.


Build a wellness community from the ground up by creating a fitness amenity that caters to residents of any age and fitness level. We recommend a blended gym that offers a large breadth of possibilities, but also product depth that is inviting for both beginners and experts. It’s important for every resident to feel like they are part of a community.



Our qualified team are able to provide the following:

Space Solution: We employ 2D & 3D custom tailored floor layouts to help you visualize your space.


Equipment Solution: Life Fitness and Hammer Strength connects your residents to the best equipment in the world, and transform your space into a fitness area they want to use. Connected consoles offer entertainment and on demand workout content. Our new standard of selectorized strength equipment and accessory options provide limitless workout possibilities.


Service Solution: Our technical support team and field technicians are dedicated to delivering fast and efficient service and minimizing equipment downtime.


A gym in your apartment building is no longer an add on amenity but a necessity.