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We are confident that having the best fitness equipment will get exercisers into your health club and keep them there. We have the innovation, strategy, personal touch and durability to take your facility to the next level.

We understand the needs of both independent hotels and international chains. We help define fitness facility brand standards, differentiate you from the competition and increase customer satisfaction.

Our large equipment portfolio is ideal for the hospitality market. Our representatives will determine which strength and cardio products are suited for frequent travelers and on-the-go lifestyles.

In the competitive housing industry, it is imperative to differentiate yourself. We offer the most recognized exercise equipment in the world, blending innovation, ease of use and durability. We help you create healthy living centres that cater to residents of any age.

An office environment can be a sedentary lifestyle that affects employee performance. With our help you can transform your office into a vibrant hub where the workforce is happy, healthy, present and productive. The right mix of equipment, floor space, budget and aesthetic must be considered to deliver the perfect experience for your employees.

Being strong on the field requires building strength when its not game day. Life Fitness and Hammer Strength are trusted in work-out facilities used by The world’s best athletes and first responders.

Our equipment and setups can be used by individual exercisers or as part of challenging small group training unit.

We provide tools for active aging that helps people live long and healthy lives. We also deliver thoughtfully designed fitness equipment tailored for those with special needs to keep them strong and help them lead happy, healthy lives.

Everyday millions of exercisers, from elite athletes to those just starting to work out routine, benefit from using Life Fitness home exercise equipment. Our state of the art equipment helps you reach your fitness goals from the comfort of your home.

Our team has helped government and education facilities in the region to succeed and grow in their own space.

The design layouts are specifically tailored to suit the fitness needs for each institution.