Life Fitness equipment is designed and tested to be biomechanically sound and rugged enough to withstand tough workouts and tougher environments. We offer a wide breadth of products for exercisers of all abilities and offer other choices that allow a facility to evolve. Both facilities and exercisers benefit from our commitment to innovation and product development.

Our digital solutions are powerful tools that allow facilities to maximize their business, differentiate from the competition and keep exercisers engaged. The products and accessories are globally recognized to offer quality, durability and value.

Any successful workout or small group training is a perfect mix of space, products and application. Accessories incorporated in any workout usually add diversity, energy and excitement to any fitness workout.

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PAVIGYM remains the only gym flooring manufacturer exclusively dedicated to the health and fitness industry, a specialization that gives us the knowledge and experience to create optimal fitness flooring solutions for each specific activity.

Our team has specialized to provide an overall experience in fitness and leisure. Our Leisure brands include;

Aquaspecial Wellness for designing and creating wellness centers Sauna, Spas and Pools with world class standards.

Alexander Rose for high-quality handmade luxury garden furniture for hotels and homes.