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“Live More” Digital Campaign

In view of the current COVID-19 pandemic that has resulted in restricted movements, physical activity has been recommended by WHO as a way to keep active to maintain both physical and mental well-being.

As a result, Impex TransAfrica developed the ‘Live More’ a fitness digital campaign to encourage people to stay active while staying safe at home. The campaign’s focus was to all age groups and demographics and had a message for everyone to take the time to keep moving, lessen the anxiety and maintain mental well-being at this challenging times.

“Exercise is a need at this time. The benefits of exercise are endless with building self immunity to handle any infections and forming healthy lifestyle habits that have long term rewards to any individual,” stated Kate Mbithe, Impex TransAfrica Marketing Manager.



Due to the closure of gyms and fitness facilities to curb COVID-19 infections, exercisers have been forced to maintain their fitness routines at home. As a result, fitness facilities have been offering numerous online classes and personal training sessions to keep their members engaged while helping them to cope while at home.



The campaign also included special offers on home fitness equipment and exercise accessories to assist with any home workouts. The campaign started in April and is planned to run in the social media platforms until further notice depending on the situation.