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The 5 best Home Gym Ideas

Staying healthy now is more important than ever before. Due to COVID-19 people started to workout at home, because they needed to. What was born from hardship, became a habit for many and they actually started to like it. And although the benefits of a health club are evident, working out at home can be a great addition to keeping up a healthy routine more easily. Investing in a home gym seems a right decision to make in the light of the things that keep on everything happening around us.

But how could that gym set up at home possibly look like and where should it be? We have put together 5 home gym ideas for you, that hopefully will not only serve as an inspiration but also as a first step into a healthier life.



When space is tight, home fitness equipment can end up in a bedroom. While this doesn’t give you a dedicated space to train, it can be all you need to keep your workouts top of mind. Here are a few things to keep in mind while making a bedroom gym.



  • Easy access to your fitness equipment makes it easier to start working out.
  • If your bedroom has a flatscreen TV it can take your mind off of your cardio workouts at home, just be sure to angle any cardio equipment so that there’s a clear view of the TV.
  • A room away from common areas provides privacy during workouts and keeps gym equipment out of sight when you have guests.



  • One piece of cardio equipment placed near an outlet (if required). Consider more compact options like foldable treadmills, hometrainers, spin bikes, rowing machines, ellipticals or compact cross trainers that tend to have a small footprint.
  • Yoga mat or exercise mat for stretching and yoga sessions.
  • Stock up on gym accessories like stability balls, gym balls, medicine balls, resistance bands or dumbbells. They provide plenty of added workout options, don’t require a large amount of storage space and can be easily stored out of sight in a closet or under the bed.
  • If you have a little more space at your disposal, consider adding a functional training rack to your configuration for more workout options and built in storage.



  • If noise is an issue, consider cardio equipment like cross trainers that have nearly silent operation.
  • Avoid hanging clothes on your cardio equipment because it’s easy to decide not to work out when you have to clear off your treadmill first!

Other home gym ideas to be featured in the next articles.