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Why Fitness Matters

Children, adolescents, and adults of all ages need regular physical activity. It affects the communities we live in, our jobs and the economy. To put it simply, physical activity and exercise is important for everyone.


Healthier, more active people are happier, more productive in their daily tasks and take less sick days, which reduces insurance costs for both employer and employee. Physical activity plays a major role in preventing and managing chronic illness and improving overall wellness. Chronic diseases like heart disease, stroke, cancer or diabetes are now becoming more prevalent due to our lifestyle. Preventing and reducing—instead of reacting—to these wellness issues is the first step. For people with physical disease, physical activity can help manage these conditions and complications.



It could also prevent:

1 in 8 cases of Breast Cancer

1 in 8 cases if Diabetes

1 in 12 cases of Colorectal Cancer

1 in 15 cases of Heart disease



Understanding the benefits of physical fitness and knowing how active you should be can help you maintain good health and improve your overall quality of life. Physical activity promotes good health. You should stay active throughout all stages of your life regardless of your body type or BMI.


Why is fitness important?

  • For better health and wellness
  • It reduces your risk of health issues and complications
  • It reduces your risk of a heart attack
  • You are able to manage your weight better
  • You will have a lower blood cholesterol level
  • It lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes and some cancers
  • It lowers your blood pressure
  • To have stronger bones, muscles and joints and lower risk of developing osteoporosis
  • It lowers your risk of falls
  • You are able to recover better from periods of hospitalization or bed rest
  • You will feel better – with more energy, a better mood, feel more relaxed and sleep better.

Encourage your family to be more active, and challenge yourself to meet daily or weekly physical activity goals. Play outdoor sports with the whole family, schedule time each day to go to the gym, or pick up healthy, active hobbies like hiking or cycling. Make exercise and physical activity a permanent part of your daily routine!



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